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What’s the difference between Osteopathy, Physiotherapy and Chiropractic?

Traditional Physiotherapy focuses on rehabilitation of injured tissues using electrotherapies, exercise and mobilization. Traditional Chiropractic diagnosis is usually based on X-rays and treatment is focused on the spine using manipulation. Osteopathy is more wholistic in nature and looks at the mechanical function of the body. It is not defined by a technique and therefore Osteopaths are trained in a wide range of techniques such as joint mobilization, manipulation, exercise, stretching, nutrition, soft tissue massage, trigger point therapy, strain-counterstrain, functional technique and many more. Osteopaths are also trained at reading all scans and X-rays, yet form their diagnosis after thorough physical examination.


Why should I choose Osteopathy over the other major therapies?

Most of our patients have tried all other major therapies and have found that they lack in understanding the total nature of their injury, and the total effect the injury has on the whole body. Since Osteopathic philosophy is grounded in looking at the body as a unit and accurately assessing it’s function, it presents as an ideal therapy for those who are looking for a true and complete solution for their injuries.


Can I receive treatment if I am going through a Worker’s Compensation claim?
Yes. At the Sports Medicine Clinic we do deal with Worker’s Compensation patients. All the necessary paperwork needs to be supplied before treatment can proceed. Please contact us for more information.


Do I need a referral from my GP?
No, Osteopaths are primary health care practitioners and no referral is needed. We may contact and work with your GP to gain a more efficient outcome to your injuries and illnesses. We always seek to establish a healthy working relationship with your GP.


How many treatments will I need?
All treatment is individualised to each patient’s needs. On average most cases take at least 4-6 treatments before patients can be slowly taken off the treatments. We are able to more accurately indicate the number of treatments after the first consultation.


Is Osteopathy covered by private health care companies (MBF, HCF, NIB etc.)?
Osteopathy is covered by almost all private health care companies. The level of cover you receive will depend on the level of your membership and the amount the company has allocated for osteopathy. Generally speaking, most companies will cover between $20-40 per session. We offer HICAPS service for your convenience. You should speak to your private insurer for more details.


What can I expect from my first visit?
A case history will be taken and a thorough physical examination will be performed. An indication of the time period for your recovery will be more accurately assessed. The aim of the initial treatment will be to significantly reduce any pain that you may have. We are able to refer and advise for any imaging or surgery that is needed.


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