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What is a Chiropractor?

Chiropractic services are offered by Chiropractors. Chiropractors are a type of health professional concerned with the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of disorders, or injury, of the musculoskeletal system (made up of muscles and joints), and the effects on the nervous system and general health.

Similarly to an Osteopath, Chiropractors believe in the body’s innate healing abilities, meaning the body is self-healing and self-regulating. The treatment that they provide is merely allowing the body to heal itself. This ability that the body has is affected by and integrated through the central nervous system.

The central nervous system consists of the brain, spinal cord, and the network of nerves across the body. It manages every organ, muscle, tissue and joint. Sometimes falls, toxins, injuries, and mental stress may cause an imbalance in a body’s biomechanics and nervous systems. The spine and its neurological tissue is a focus area for chiropractors.

Chiropractors focus on diagnosis and treatment neuromuscular disorders through providing treatments through gentle, manual manipulation (or adjustments) and massage, alongside ergonomic and movement advice. The word chiropractic, from the Greek words praxis and cheir, means practice or treatment by hand.

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How are Chiropractors qualified?

Chiropractic treatments are a growing form of primary health care. It has become the third largest of the doctored health professions behind medicine and dentistry.

Chiropractors are trained throughout a five-year University course consisting of a three year Bachelor of Chiropractic Science and a Masters of Chiropractic. In addition, education may include continued professional development and a doctorate program. Chiropractic qualifications are nationally recognised and regulated. Chiropractors must meet regulations outlined by the Chiropractic Board of Australia for the Australian Health Practitioners Regulation Agency (AHPRA).

What to expect at you first Chiropractic consultation

When you visit Sports Medicine Clinic, we understand that your health and body needs are unique to you. 

How to prepare for a Chiropractic treatment?

Before your Chiropractic appointment, make sure you are hydrated and haven’t eaten too close to your appointment time. Please arrive on time to ensure you have time to fill out any paperwork and ask any questions you might have.  

At the Chiropractic appointment

Our Chiropractor will ask you to outline any relevant health history and the reason for the appointment booking. They may also talk to you about any herbal supplements or medications you are taking. They will conduct a physical examination to help them assess your needs. The Chiropractor will discuss your treatment plan and begin treatments. Sports Medicine Clinic’s treatment rooms house the latest equipment and maintain a comfortable temperature. 

What does Chiropractic treatment include?

Chiropractors aim to treat musculoskeletal conditions through manipulation, which includes using their hands and special equipment to softly, apply pressure to shift a joint beyond the normal range of motion. Some movements may give an audible ‘pop’ or ‘crack’ that should not worry you and may come with a sense of relief of pressure.

What conditions do Chiropractors treat?

Chiropractors are trained in locating and treating vertebral joint stiffness. These are regions of the spine that have changed the function of the spine and the surrounding tissues, most importantly the nervous system. A change to the nervous system of these areas may cause symptoms as common as pain, numbness, and tingling.

Chiropractors may help treat patients with various conditions and problems, such as:

Other services Sports Medicine Clinic offers include:

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