osteo chiro physio massage parramatta peakhurstHere you will learn about Sports Medicine Clinic. The focus of our treatments at the clinic is patient-centered and holistic. The treatments aim to be safe and effective whilst focusing at the cause of the injury.

Whilst our initial aim will be trying to reduce pain, our final goal is to achieve long term rehabilitation from injury. If you have had an injury that just doesn’t go away, and you have tried other therapies with no success, then it’s highly likely that the initial cause of injury has been missed!

Our Therapists at the clinics are trained at recognising if the injury is serious enough for a referral to specialists, or if the pain is being caused by serious pathology. Safety and efficiency are of highest importance during the course of treatment.

The whole family may benefit from our care at the clinics, from seniors all the way down to the young child.

As we are interested in long term improvement, we are qualified to give advice on stretching, exercise and diet. If needed, the clinic has a referral base of specialist orthopedic surgeons of the highest quality, covering all areas of the body.

The history of both Clinics dates back to the early 90’s when our Peakhurst location was first established. Our Parramatta location was established in 2005 and both clinics came under the same management in 2012. Since then we have grown in both size and reach and we have gathered highly qualified therapists who understand our history of quality of treatment, and strive to not only live up to that history, but improve on it.

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