Dr. Robert Korac

Dr. Robert Korac Osteopath

Dr. Robert Korac

Dr. Robert Korac is an experienced hands-on practitioner, combining soft tissue techniques, joint manipulation, and meaningful rehabilitation into personalised treatment plans for his patients.
He places significant value on explaining the nature of an individual’s diagnosis and aims to empower patients through education and treatment to ensure a patient’s best recovery.
Robert has completed a degree in Medical Science at Western Sydney University, majoring in Anatomy and Physiology. Once completed, Robert enrolled to study Osteopathy and has attained his Masters from Victoria University, in Melbourne.
He has a passion for sport and education. Robert has worked as head sports trainer for both Rugby and Australian Rules Football at both a Victorian and Country level. He has also spent multiple years coaching, high-level swimmers representing at the state and national level.
Dr. Robert Korac is passionate about Osteopathy and its ability to empower and improve the well being of people from all walks of life
A Rugby tragic, Robert continues to strive to help his football body keep up with his football brain. Like all of us, he struggles to accept its a battle that his body will eventually lose.

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