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ACL Rehab Done Right!

We’ve all either seen (and heard it happen), seen it on T.V, or had it happen to ourselves. Tearing an Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) in the knee is one of those injuries where you just know it’s bad. If you’re an athlete, you can already see yourself sitting out the season, and if you’re Jane

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Back Pain, Back Strength!

Some of my mentors in the health field often gave me advice that was contrary to the Mainstream Thought on many topics. Back then, I even thought that some of that advice was a little nuts. It’s hard to understand the advice that is contrary to Mainstream Thought is actually closer to Reality when every

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Understanding Shoulder Pain & How You Can Fix It

Shoulder Pain really sucks. I mean you need your arms to perform most tasks in life. When a simple task like getting dressed and undressed becomes painful and scary, you know you have problems! I’m going to break this topic down for you so that you understand that there are simple and logical solutions for

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Chiro vs Osteo vs Physio Professions and who to see

Comparison of Chiro Vs Osteo Vs Physio: A Difference of Opinion

Two of the most common questions I get asked in the clinic is “What’s the difference between an Osteopath, a Physiotherapist, and a Chiropractor?” or “Which is better, Chiro, Physio or Osteopathy?” My opinions are formed over many years of experience. My experience contains my biases. My biases are neither bad nor good, they just

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