After Hours Podiatry Home Visits

Podiatry home visits are just what they sound like. A visit from one of our friendly podiatrists to the comfort of your own home rather than to the clinic. 

Benefits Of Podiatry Home Visits

A client might like a home visit from a Podiatrist if they are unable to leave their home for whatever reason. This might be having kids who restrict their outings, have physical limitations or have other medical complications. We’re happy to come to you, whatever the reason.

Podiatry After Hours Services

A home visit is comprehensive just like the clinic, as the Podiatrist will bring sterile and portable equipment to provide a thorough examination and treatment. Services we provide for home visits include:

  • General feet treatments:
    • providing a thorough “medical pedicure” including cutting toenails and eliminating callus (and corns if present)
  • Plantar Wart treatments
  • Assess and treat heel pain which could be a sign of plantar fasciitis or Achilles tendinopathy
  • Diabetic foot care

At Home Podiatry Opening Hours

Service times for a Podiatry Home Visit are between 6:30pm-9:30pm.

Where Can I Get At An Home Podiatry Visit?

We service Bankstown, Liverpool and Parramatta areas and near our Sports Medicine Clinic locations

Claiming After Hours Podiatry Through Private Health Insurance?

Depending on your level of private health insurance coverage, this service may be claimable on private health insurance. Please check with your private health insurer if you’re covered for Podiatry.

How To Book A Podiatrist To Visit My Home?

Please call us to schedule your home visit today on 02 9890 5844.

Other services Sports Medicine Clinic offers include:

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If you want to have a chat about your condition, call us today on:

Dr. Yasmin Karam

Dr. Yasmin Karam

Dr. Yasmin Karam graduated with a Bachelor of Health Science/Masters in Podiatric Medicine. Dr. Yasmin has had experience working in both private and public sectors, exposing her to a great range of foot complications; from minor nail and skin pathologies to foot mal-alignments and diabetic foot ulcers.

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