Work hard, Exercise Harder!

With the holiday season just passing, we are all a bit less in shape than normal so it’s important to bounce back! These days, it seems like everyone is working more hours and having less ‘me’ time to keep healthy and fit. But what if you could actually work out at work? 

You’re at work to produce productive results for your workplace, so why not produce good results for your own health?! After all, productiveness is increased when you’re fit and healthy! 30 minutes of moderate activity five days a week is recommended and while you won’t get to the Olympics this way; you can do stretching, muscle-strengthening, and even short stints of aerobic exercises right at your desk.

Physical exercises for the office

  •  Do a football-like drill of running in place for 60 seconds. Get those knees up! (Beginners, march in place.)
  • While seated, pump both arms over your head for 30 seconds, and then rapidly tap your feet on the floor for 30 seconds. Repeat 3-5 times.

No puffs exercise for the workplace

Afraid the phone will ring and you’ll sound like a lion is chasing you? Less breathless exercises may include

  • Sitting in your chair, lift one leg off the seat, extend it out straight, hold for 2 seconds; then lower your foot (stop short of the floor) and hold for several seconds. Switch; do each leg 15 times.
  • To work your chest and shoulders, place both hands on your chair arms, whilst being conscious of your wrists, and slowly lift your bottom off the chair. Lower yourself back down but stop short of the seat, hold for a few seconds. Do 15 times.

Work out at desk

Stretching exercise you can do near your desk

Stretching exercises are a natural for the desk-bound, to ease stress and keep your muscles from clenching up. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Sitting tall in your chair, stretch both arms over your head and reach for the sky. After 10 seconds, extend the right hand higher, then the left.
  • Try this yoga posture to relieve tension: Sit facing forward, then turn your head to the left and your torso to the right, and hold a few seconds. Repeat 15 times, alternating sides.
  • Sitting up straight, try to touch your shoulder blades together. Hold, and then relax.

Discreet exercises for the shy in the workplace

Butt clenches: Tighten your buttocks, hold, hold, hold, and then relax. Repeat 15 times. The same goes for ab squeezes — just tighten your tummy muscles instead.

Last word: Use every minute actively- Whenever possible, stand rather than sit, walk rather than stand.

Healthy hint of the month:

Exercise helps lessen pain, increase range of movement to prevent injury, and reduces fatigue, producing energy and productiveness! So tune in to your favourite music and do some exercise!

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Dr. Sami Karam Osteopath

A bit about the Author

Dr. Sami Karam

A little extra about me. I’ve been a qualified Osteopath since 2004. I’ve been playing football ever since I could remember and I have a passion for it. I’ve played at the highest level in the NSW State League at both Youth and Senior levels, and have also been Head Physician at numerous State League Clubs. I’ve travelled internationally and consulted with Sports academies in Barcelona and Italy. I have a special interest in Strength and Conditioning for footballers, as I believe it gives them an edge in their physical competition. My passion involves bringing all of this knowledge into every single treatment that I provide for all athletes. If you feel that I can help you and want to reach out to me, just click here.