Kerrie Watsford

Kerrie Watsford Remedial Therapist

Kerrie Watsford
Remedial Therapist

With a keen interest on how the body worked and a compassionate spirit for helping people, Kerrie embarked on a career in Massage Therapy . And for over 20yrs she’s been helping people overcome their injuries.

As on of our most experienced practitioners, she brings a wealth of personal knowledge and practical understanding of the body to all her consultations.

Kerrie is a Diploma qualified Massage Therapist with over 20yrs experience in dealing with muscular aches and pains. She has a range of experience in helping people of all ages. 

She often treats people with acute injuries and is also able to provide therapy to those looking to relieve muscular aches and tension. 

Outside of the clinic, Kerrie enjoys camping with her family, swimming, and enjoys a competitive tennis match.

Kerrie is fully accredited with most Private health funds for rebates on treatment. Make a booking online today.

Types of massages Kerrie Watsford can offer:

Sports Massage: 

A sports massage is to help athletes avoid injuries, cool down after exertion and enhance their overall performance. Sports massages concentrate on increasing motion and flexibility, relieving muscle soreness, and promoting a quick recovery from muscle overuse.


Prenatal massage can reduce the amount of stress hormones in your body. Kneading the skin can reduce edema and swelling that causes water retention in pregnant women, sending water away from your tissues and joints and into the lymphatic system. Massage also reduces nerve pain, such as leg tingling, which can commonly occur later in your pregnancy as your uterus presses on nerves in your pelvis and lower back.

Trigger Point: 

Myofascial trigger points represent small areas of tightness within muscles, creating tight bands and “knots” or tiny bumps from the contracted muscle fibres.

Injury Management: 

Commonly found in the gym are rotator cuff/ shoulder, knee, ankle, hips and lower back injuries. Rehab will help to manage these injuries and prompt longevity in training.

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