Kallie Kitas

Kallie Kitas

Kallie Kitas is a qualified nutritionist and naturopath holding a Bachelor of Applied Science (majoring in nutrition) and a Diploma of Naturopathy. She is also a member of the Australian Traditional Medicine Society (ATMS).

Earlier in her years she played competitive soccer and represented NSW in sprinting. She still trains as a 100m sprinter and has aspirations to fulfill her athletic goals with my team Asics West.

Her passion for health, fitness and nutrition flourished at the age of 15 when she was hospitalised for a year due to gut and bowel issues. With the help of a naturopath she managed to overcome her health problems. This experience set her on a journey to educate herself on living a healthier sustainable lifestyle.

Now that she have achieved her personal health, fitness and nutrition goals. She is dedicated to helping others drawing from personal experience and education with health related issues and sports nutrition needs.

Kallie is an approachable, motivating and engaging public speaker and regularly conducts health presentations and wellness workshops and programs with schools, corporate and community centres and organisations.

Kallie is also involved in consultancy work, performing activities such as menu review and analysis in organisations such as childcare centres, major supermarkets and nursing homes. Truly passionate about improving the health of the community, she is a highly respected active, working with community organisations to help the health and wellbeing of it’s members.

She strongly believes in empowering individuals with the skills and knowledge required for sustainable lifestyle changes.

Kallie has a strong commitment to keep up-to-date with the advances in evidence-based nutrition, and is heavily involved in ongoing professional development.

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